Handcrafted Timber Furniture Made To Order

At Yard Furniture we pride ourselves on using only the most suitable recycled timber for use in our custom timber furniture pieces. All our pieces are handcrafted right here in Melbourne, Australia.

As passionate designers and advocates of sustainability, we use recycled structural timbers that have a history and story to tell. Whether it is timber from the historical Jam Factory or The National Gallery of Victoria. A major benefit of using this specially sourced wood is the depth of character and personality that each furniture piece takes on from the aging and curing process that the wood has endured in its previous incarnations.

We take great pride in collaborating with our clientele to ensure that the best recycled timber furniture is created for their space and environment. Our vision is to provide beautiful furniture that has its own story — through design and history.

Browse through our range online or visit our showroom today in Preston.

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