Designing your own custom console or entertainment unit

Entertainment units, consoles, buffet units, and sideboards. We love them!

At YARD, consoles, entertainment units and sideboards are one of our most requested furniture pieces. 

Living areas are the heart of the home, and a well designed console or sideboard can adds a focal point to a dining area, a space to store wines or special ceramic pieces, and to display treasured items.
An entertainment unit becomes the centrepiece of a living space; an area where families gather to unwind and relax, and is also a functional furniture piece that houses and stores the entertainment technology in your home. 

We make all of our furniture by hand, collaborating with you to create the perfect piece for your home. We are advocates for sustainability, and a benefit of custom made furniture is bypassing the ‘fast furniture’ industry to create items that will last a lifetime. Choosing to ‘Buy once, Buy well’ not only means you’ll have a piece you’ll enjoy for a long time, it’s good for the environment. 

So lets get into the simple steps of creating an entertainment unit or buffet piece: 

YARD Furniture Walking Wally entertainment unit

1. Dimensions

Select the dimensions required for your entertainment unit or buffet: what is the ideal height, length and depth you have in mind for your space? 

messmate entertainment console with black legs

2. Storage Options

Now it’s time to consider storage: our units can include drawers, cupboard storage or open shelves.
Drawers are great for storing media or an assortment of items without things getting lost. Cupboards allow you to store bulky items.

Our Walking WallyWally mini and Walrus units are good indications of the storage options we offer for our entertainment units, and most customers will choose one of these options. However if you’d like open shelving the the right or left, or door storage all the way across, this is something you can choose.

For buffet units, the storage configuration can be completely customisable depending on your needs.  
Some of the common choices are: 
– Door storage all the way across.  
– Smaller drawers at the top in the middle of the unit (for cutlery or smaller items), with door storage below and on either side. 
– depending on the height of your buffet you could also have a deeper drawers which are great for media storage.  

Take a look at some of the previous buffet units we’ve made here.

recycled timber entertainment unit

3. Base type

Next, think about whether you’d like steel legs on your unit, or what we call a kicker which is a piece of timber along the bottom that makes it sit flush on the floor with no gaps. 
Examples can be seen on our Entertainment Units page. 

Recycled Messmate entertainment unit with drawer storage

4. Timbers 

Choose from timbers with more feature… or less! We use 100% Australian recycled timber, and finish each piece using an eco-friendly hardwax.

Voila! A furniture piece, designed to last a lifetime, just for you. Contact us for more information, or to begin designing your entertainment unit or console.