Preston Leader – June 2016

Preston Leader – June 2016

New life is breathed into salvaged timber treasures

A PRESTON furniture maker is causing a stir selling small pieces of Melbourne’s history.
Peter McManus has carved a niche for himself creating “statement pieces” with timber salvaged from Melbourne landmarks including the NGV, Jam Factory, Don Smallgoods factory and even AMCOR.
“Most of my timber comes from commercial demolition,” Mr McManus said
“It’s the type of thing where I have contact with various demolition companies, and there are a few of us out there, so it’s a bit of a ‘stake your claim’ kind of thing.”
Mr McManus opened YARD Furniture last year after a career in the building industry and in teaching.
“I was doing this in the background, then I sort of brought it into the foreground four years ago, andwe’ve gone from stride to stride,” he said.
“It’s taken me a little while to build up to the position we’re in now, but I’ve got timber stocks and racks full of timbers that came from different locations.”
Mr McManus’ latest acquisition is a stack of brown stringybark timber, which will now find its way into Melbourne homes in the form of couches, tables and chairs. As seen in Preston Leader, June 2016.

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