Our Ethos

designing furniture in Melbourne

In today’s climate there are many reasons to buy recycled or reclaimed timber furniture.
Australian hardwoods are some of the most stunning in the world. Pieces made using these recycled timbers allow you to bring a natural element into your space, compliment a wide range of interior styles, are durable, and designed to last a lifetime.

All of our timber is salvaged locally from commercial and residential sites around Melbourne. Some of these timbers date back to the early 1900s. 
Using reclaimed timber saves landfill, new logging and the use of cheap, chemical laden materials.
It sits in direct contrast to the fast furniture industry as eco friendly furniture is built to last, reduces the need of cheap replacements and the creation of more waste in the future. The environmental benefits of working with recycled timber are as important to us as creating  beautiful pieces of furniture. 

When designing made to order furniture, dimensions and configurations are adjustable to suit the requirements of the space and how the pieces will be used. This allows you to own your perfect furniture piece, design for longevity and break away from the fast furniture trend.

designing furniture in Melbourne

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