Windsor Smith was established in 1946 and what started off as a small, family-run business, has now grown into a leading footwear brand that has sold over 50 million pairs of shoes worldwide.
The two-storey factory was built in 1945 and was located on High Street in Preston. At the end of 2016, YARD assisted in the demolition of the building in order to salvage to floor joists. Through dressing the timber, we revealed beautiful features and grains underneath the initial layer.
The Windsor Smith timber can be used to make a variety of furniture pieces and is recommended for dining tables, beds, shelves, and benches.
The wide panels allow the full grain to show.

Yard Furniture Windsor Smith

Features of The Windsor Smith Timber

The timber naturally has a light brown finish and is full of intricate details. The wide panels allow the features to be fully displayed to create beautiful, marble-like details. The timber is enriched with local history that truly highlights its  unique characteristics. This batch is a rare find and we have limited quantities on hand.


Recycled Yellow Stringy Bark

Luxurious Table Top


Enriched with history and unique character.

Designed With Passion

Peter McManus is the designer behind the entire YARD range. Each salvaged beam recycled has its own narrative, a story to be told. Peter’s like a storyteller, every piece of furniture reveals another chapter within YARD’s chronicle. His carpentry background combined with his creative mind leaves no stone unturned when it comes to beautifully crafted, timeless timber pieces.

Crafted With Care

Once the rough recycled timbers are de-nailed and machined, they then reveal their true character. From this point, the creative chapter begins.

Peter along with a small team of passionate woodworkers make our pieces right here on site in Preston.

Finished to Perfection

Each piece is finished by hand with precision and attention to detail.

YARD uses environmentally friendly hard wax finish which brings each timber and it’s story to life.