Available Now

While we make our furniture to order, we sometimes have a range of our side tables ready to take home, and occasional showroom pieces available for purchase without our usual lead time. 

Here’s a selection of our handcrafted furniture which is currently available for purchase without our usual lead time. 

Dakota side tables


The Dakota side table is a hybrid of our Cube and Ti Pi designs. 

It works bedside the couch, or as a bedside table to hold your morning coffee and favourite book.

We currently have 2 available.  

Measurements: 340mm W x 500mm D x 550mm H

Price: $500 each

timber side table cubes


Our cubes can be used as side tables, plant stands, bedside tables or floating display shelves. 

We currently have a range of Cubes available in different dimensions ready to take home with no lead time.   

Cube 4: Larger cube 40cm W x 40cm D x 55cm H SOLD 

Cube 5: Cube with cut out detail 35cm W x 33cm D x 50cm H AVAILABLE

Cube 6: Square cube 39cm W x 30cm D x 39cm H AVAILABLE

Cube 7: Feature grade narrow cube 30cm W x 31cm D x 46cm H AVAILABLE

Price: $450 each 

 The Cubes can be made in custom dimensions, although pricing may vary and usual lead times will apply.

Recycled timber Hexnut table


The Hexnut is a unique, multipurpose piece that doubles as a stool or side table, and triples as a conversation starter!

Two Hexnuts are available, made from salvaged Pine from Rippon Lea Estate. 

Measurements: 520mm H x 520mm W x 270mm D
Price: $1,080

Oscar side tables


The Oscar bedside tables lend themselves to a range of bedroom styles. 
This set is currently available, made from lighter reclaimed Mountain Ash with Jarrah handles. 

Meaurements: 450mm W x 460mm D x 585mm H 
Price: $1,100 per unit 

The Oscar bedside tables are typically made to order and can be made in a range of dimensions, from a variety of reclaimed timbers. 
They can also be made with Jarrah handles or in the same timber as the rest of the unit. 

They can be viewed here