Our Ethos

There are many reasons to buy recycled or reclaimed timber furniture. Most of all, it looks great. It is hard to beat a custom made wooden table or bench top, designed to fit perfectly in the space you are decorating.

With a custom piece of furniture, you can decide the size and shape, along with the stain colours to create the look you want.
Another benefit of recycled timber furniture is that it is environmentally friendly. Reclaimed timber saves landfill, new logging and the use of cheap, chemical laden materials. Eco friendly furniture will also last a life time, reducing the need of cheap replacements and more waste in the future.

The YARD Process

The journey begins with a conversation with our designers. Here, we build an understanding of your needs and begin the creative collaboration.

Thoughts are gathered, put to paper and with customer confirmation the order kicks off.

From here, the magic begins! In the workshop, your ideas and drawings are handcrafted into beautiful pieces of furniture.

To view some of our custom projects, click here.