2020- its a wrap!

Well, we won’t forget this year quickly!
Despite a topsy turvy year we’ve been fortunate to make some beautiful furniture pieces using locally salvaged, reclaimed timber.
Here’s a wrap up of a selection of our favourite custom projects in the year that was.

The Eden dining table 

2020 saw the introduction of a new dining table to our stable!
The Eden table features rounded legs and curved edges for a softer, organic look that lends itself to self to a wide range of interior styles, and is in line with current interior trends.
We’ve made the Eden table in a range of reclaimed timbers including Silvertop Ash, Messmate and Mountain Ash.

turned leg Eden timber dining table
timber dining in Melbourne

The Year of the Desk 

2020 was the year of the desk as many moved to work from home.
Here’s a beauty we made using reclaimed Red Stringybark for a jeweller who works with stones and jewels.
Featuring an abundance of drawer storage, this desk’s shelving system is designed to store jewellery making equipment and objects.
To see more of our custom desks click HERE 

timber desk with shelving and chair

Koori Court Bar tables 

We have had the pleasure of hand making bar tables for Koori courts in various locations around the state.
Each table measures four metres long and have been constructed using locally salvaged, recycled timbers including Messmate and Red and Yellow Stringy barks.
Each bar table features artwork centrepieces by local First Nations artists.
The oval shaped bar table allows a culturally responsive court experience where the magistrate, a Koori court officer, prosecutor, lawyers, family and accused sit in a circular fashion (a yarning circle) and take part in a sentencing conversation. Aboriginal elders or respected persons are present and offer cultural advice.
The courtrooms where these tables sit also have a traditional smoking ceremony prior to their initial use.
We are honoured to contribute to this project by hand making these beautiful tables from native timbers and working the local artists to offer a tactile connection to the land in the Koori court setting.

Koori Court bar table made from recycled timber
Indigenous artwork by Lowell Hunter

Custom made daybed

We undertook a special commission of creating a custom daybed: an informal lounge and somewhere to relax with a book and afternoon coffee.
Made from reclaimed Silvertop Ash, and upholstered in Warwick ‘Tweedy’ fabric in ‘natural’ the day bed allows storage of coffee table books at its base, and is a modern, contemporary take on a classic piece.

timber daybed with cream upholstery
timber daybed

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