Del Monti Suits Factory

Del Monti Suits Factory

1989 Del Monti Suits advertisement.


Del Monti suits opening in the early 1970s operating as one of Australia’s first direct-to-public manufacturers. With the majority of suits made on-site, Del Monti was widely known for it’s high quality suits. The slogan ‘look good, feel good, are good’ was the core of it’s advertising in the 80s. The company employed 60 plus locals and was regarded as the Melbourne’s ‘go-to’ tailor made suit company.

In 1994, Del Monti Suits ceased manufacturing and remained operating as a retailer. Early 2000s saw the company shut down, ending a successful 30-year venture as Melbourne’s suit company. Twelve months ago, the original Del Monti building was demolished for redevelopments in the form of apartments. YARD Furniture seized the opportunity to give new life to an icon of Melbourne. We’re creating recycled timber furniture that look good, feel good, are good.
Timbers that look good, feel good, are good


A glorious burnt brown with dark, illustrious feature sets Del Monti timbers apart. The light and dark sections of each timber panel make it versatile, with the ability to complete any room. Just as Del Monti tailor-made suits, YARD crafts customised furniture for you. Del Monti timbers can be made into a range of furniture, from beds to tables to entertainment units.




40MM Just as Del Monti tailor-made suits, YARD crafts customised furniture for you.


Peter McManus is the designer behind the entire YARD range. Each salvaged beam recycled has its own narrative, a story to be told. Peter’s like a storyteller, every piece of furniture reveals another chapter within YARD’s chronicle. His carpentry background combined with his creative mind leaves no stone unturned when it comes to beautifully crafted, timeless timber pieces.


Once the rough recycled timbers are de-nailed and machined, they then reveal their true character. From this point, the creative chapter begins.
Peter along with a small team of passionate woodworkers make our pieces right here on site in Preston.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Each piece is finished by hand with precision and attention to detail.
YARD uses environmentally friendly hard wax finish which brings each timber and it’s story to life.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text].
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